Caped Persuader J: Year One

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(Impressive Narration voice throughout)
Little Did He Know… Oh, wait, too soon.

J was not always the confident, inspiring, and indeed, humble hero we all know today. He began his life as many nerds; too shy to speak, too nice to make a fuss, too smart to study, and too dumb to work the crowds. While his comic of choice was the great TMNT (no, I will not spell it out, go look it up if you don’t know), he was drawn to all within the pantheon of the Superhero Greats. Like all 90’s kids, the X-Men cartoon absorbed all of his Saturdays just before noon and Iron Man way before in the am, Batman: The Animated Series weekdays, and Spider Man all over the place. There was some karate and football, too. Eventually some music listening. Little did he know that soon all things would lead to a man of confusing talents…

Chris and J met in high school and immediately bonded over wit and nerdom. As the years moved forward, so did their friendship. So did the advancement of their culture. A successful movie here, a billionaire there, and soon their humble folk were looked at to guide us all into the next age of media. What their nerdy forefathers laid before, they steward with honor and skill. Little did J know that philosophy, too, loomed just around the corner…

College was awful and amazing for our pre-hero. He bounced from pop-major to pop-major before fatefully taking a 300 Philosophy class for a humanities credit. The rush was immediate and undeniable. THIS was the type of nerd he was! Where most people recognize the dullness and impracticality of the topic, J ate it all up with a spoon and stole off the plate of others. He finds himself leaning towards the Ancients: Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle. Those who care about the Beauty in Truth and less about the solidity of facts. Things lined up. A love interest became a companion and partner. Not Chris. I’m not talking about Chris, here. I’m talking about J’s wife. Many books and conversations later, they specialized in just such a way. While Chris moved on to battle in the fast streets and exploding buildings of politics, J would stalk the dark, forbidden caves of philosophy. Now, we arrive at near-present day, where, little did they know, a hobby would become an obsession…

Unfulfilled in their day jobs, Chris and J spent many hours “hangin’ out” and “not doin’ much”, day dreaming of a better life. After years of this they found a common power: the ability to shoot words from their fingertips, and in large volume. Over several meetings, they honed this gift and decided on how to share it with the world. This site is the culmination of their efforts. Mostly Chris’s, but J was there, too. Thus forming the Caped Persuader J! (I’m finding it impossible to type out an echo effectively, so just do what you can imagine it here, in rich, bass tones.)

So, while now he lives his life with his truly super powered wife and three 18 CHA scored children (yeah, he’s THAT kind of nerd, too), he spends his day job dreaming of night, and his nights shooting words from his fingertips into the digital world. And Mondays posting.

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