Caped Persuader C: You Wanna Know My Secret Identity?

Chris Shanahan was an ordinary child. He enjoyed playing football and chasing girls at recess, until he was bitten by a radioactive bookworm and began reading. Soon he was devouring Michael Crichton novels and immersing himself in fantasy literature. Before long he had tried his hand at writing, where he found his true vocation. But, as these things go, youth has a way of turning abilities into liabilities, and this creative streak bred in him an unhealthy pride that kept him mired in stagnation well into his twenties. At the height of his listless underachievement tragedy struck when, in the same year, he lost a sister and his father. This year also witnessed the rise of a villainous mastermind, whose threat to the country Chris knew and loved was only the tip of the iceberg.

His father had warned him about it. His sister had welcomed it with open arms. This incubus that had seduced the nation for generations was now bold enough to step out from the shadows, parading its latest incarnation around like a new messiah. There were those who rose against it, who called upon the strength and wisdom of long dead champions to combat it. Spurred by the loss of two who saw it from both sides, whose turbulent relationship served as a microcosm for the greater political spectrum, Chris found himself among their ranks. Embodying both he had lost, he became a conservative radical, determined to fight the good fight. But life had not thrown its last curve ball.

Just as he had settled in for the long haul, for the desolate, ascetic life of the subversive political activist, Chris met someone who made the world fall away. All the worry for the course his country was on, the pain of his loss, faded away, replaced by her glow. Cautious at first, he soon came to realize that she was not a distraction but a beacon. Hers was a love that made the fight worthwhile. Theirs was a world worth saving. Two children later and the task of saving the world is a lot closer to home. But with great power… well you know the rest.

Now, Chris must use his unique skill set–his command of the written word, his familiarity with the philosophy of government, and his borderline addiction to all things super-heroic–to coax the best out of the world around him while still providing for his family.

By day, he is Chris Shanahan, humble Receiving Associate at the local Home Depot, but by night you may know him as The Caped Persuader C.